About Listy

Listy is a simple and easy-to-use to-do list manager with two features that will allow you keep all your to-do lists in one place and take charge of your to-do's.

Tagging: All to-do items can be tagged with words or phrases. Tagging allows you infinite categorization of your to-do items. When used along with the advanced filtering support, you get full control of your to-do lists.

Filters: Listy also allows configuring a comprehensive set of filters so you can filter the list of displayed tasks any which way you want. Now you can maintain all your lists in one place while having the flexibility of viewing only the list you are currently interested in. No more searching around for your tasks in the different lists you keep them. Having your to-do items in one place also helps you prioritize tasks across all areas of your activities.

Features include:

System requirements for Listy are here

To view a few screen-shots, either take the tour or look at the help documentation.

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